About Us

Renewal Products LLP is an established second generation family business that originated in Denver, CO and is now operating out of Glenwood Springs, CO.  2020 marks our 29th year in business!  We provide wholesale dry skin brushes, therapy pillows and agave fiber exfoliators.

Back in 1991, our health and fitness minded founder searched the Denver metro area for a stiff-bristled lymphatic dry skin brush after learning of the importance and many benefits of skin brushing. Coming up empty handed, she developed an exclusive line of 4 coconut fiber brushes and a business was born. We consider ourselves the leader in the skin brushing industry.  Wholesale dry skin brushes are available for retailers as are all our products.

The following year, eye pillows, neck wraps and hold/cold therapy pillows were added to the line. Renewal Products was at the forefront of the market in this product category once again making us a leader in the industry. This line has evolved over the years and today we use a wide assortment of premium cotton fabrics and buy direct from farmers for our natural fillers. After consulting with an expert in the grain and seed industry, we are assured that unhulled millet is the superior choice for our products for its durability, longevity, malleability and hot/cold retention properties. We also use certified organic corn in our hot/cold therapy pillow for longer hot/cold retention and our support pillows are filled with triple-cleaned, organic buckwheat hulls. We are proud to support the agricultural industry with our natural fillers.

Adding to the line are artisan-made natural fiber products that support good skin health – Ayate Cloth, Ayate Back Scrubber, Agave Scrubby and Agave Bath Mitt with Pumice. With these products, we help enable Otomi Indian Artisans to earn much needed income for survival. (To learn more, visit our Making a Difference page) Rounding out the line, is a one of a kind Sculpted Pumice Stone and a Bamboo Backscratcher.

Renewal Products LLP is located in one of the most beautiful and healing places in the United States. We are proud to offer our products that also provide a service to people. While practical, many of our products also double as gifts. They soothe, relax, and improve health and well-being; helping individuals take control of their aches and pains, mental stresses, immune system and skin health.

Renewal Products LLP is very thoughtful about the vendor partners we rely on to help bring these products to the marketplace. We develop long-term relationships with our vendors that range from local to global. We only buy premium fabrics, we buy direct from the farmer and our sewing is done locally.  We support cottage industry across the globe and locally.  Our printing is done locally and on recycled paper. Together, we create a culture of goodness.

Renewal Products is an extension of a desire and passion to live a meaningful life.