Agave Mitt & Pumice Stone

    Pamper yourself with our bath mitt and pumice stone set.

    Our handwoven exfoliating mitt is constructed with two compartments, one for your hand and the other for a bar of soap.  The exfoliating side of the mitt is made from a pre-shrunk ayate and the sudsing side from cotton jute which can also be used as a gentle washcloth.

    Skin performs such an important role in taking care of us and we, in turn, need to take care of it.  It is the largest elimination organ of the body and the gentle abrasion of the fiber mitt stimulates circulation, gently removes dead skin cells and opens pores, assisting with the body’s natural detoxification process.  What remains is smooth, clean skin with improved skin tone.

    The fiber used for this product is harvested from the leaves of the agave plant, cleaned and handspun.  It is rapidly renewable, biodegradable and resistant to mold and mildew.  The plant grows in the wild without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

    After use, rinse well and hang to dry.

    Approximately 6″ x 9″

    Pumice is one of nature’s own scrubbing stones.  Pumice is a natural product of the earth, formed from lava.  When lava is filled with volcanic gases and then cools quickly, it turns into hard foam.  The pumice has been polished to remove rough edges but not enough to affect its natural abrasiveness.  Pumice stone is an excellent tool for scrubbing away dry, rough skin and callous areas of the feet, toes, elbows, hands and knees.  Very mild pressure should be used on these areas.

    Your purchase helps support the Otomi Artisans that made this product.  Please visit our Making a Difference page to learn more.


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