Cork Yoga/Workout Mat

    Made from sustainably sourced cork from Portugal oak, this attractive yoga and workout mat features quality binding around the edges and an attached strap with velcro closure for easy roll up, transport and storage after use.

    Cork is naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial and impervious to sweat and liquids.   50% of cork is compressed air making it lightweight and able to offer a slight cushion for comfort. 

    Combined with a TPE backing, this yoga mat is flexible while offering exceptional grip and stability.  The natural properties of cork also make for a durable, long lasting mat.  

    Easy to clean with just a soft cloth and water.  Use a few drops of mild soap for deeper cleaning.  As this is a natural product, acidic vinegar yoga mat cleaners or DIY vinegar sprays are not recommended.

    Dimensions:  72” long x 24” wide x ¼” thick.

    Made in Portugal


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