Sculpted Pumice Stone

    Our pumice stone rocks!

    A pumice stone is a natural product of the earth, formed from lava.  When hot lava flows and then cools quickly, the trapped gases create hard foam that turns into light and porous volcanic rock known as pumice.

    Known for its abrasive quality, pumice is an excellent and natural tool for scrubbing away dry, rough skin and callous areas of the feet, toes, elbows, hands and knees.

    Our Pumice Stone is not compressed, shaped or mass produced in a factory.  We use small pumice pieces that are all different colors and shapes and then tumble them to remove rough edges.  Artisans then take individual stones and hand sculpt them with a tool to form a curved edge which will comfortably fit around feet and elbows for maximum benefit.  They also drill a hole into each stone and tie a durable cotton cord through it to hang easily in the bath.


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