• Support

    Shaped Pillow filled
    with Buckwheat Hulls

Superior Support for Head and Neck

Filled with certified organic buckwheat hulls grown in the USA that have been triple washed and run through a heat cycle. One of buckwheat hulls most desirable traits is that air easily circulates throughout the hulls. In fact, hulls been used for centuries in other parts of the world for bedding and pillows because they easily conform to the body, are hypoallergenic , resistant to dust mites and do not trap heat or cold.

Not just a travel pillow, use the pillow for reading, relaxing, watching television or sleeping. It offers solid neck support and the zippered closure allows hulls to be added or removed to reach desired firmness.

Buckwheat hulls do not hold heat and the zippered closure prevent this item from being microwavable. Do not heat in the microwave.

Made in the USA with premium cotton batik fabric. To learn more about cotton batik fabric click here.
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
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