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Wholesale Body Brushes and Therapy Pillows

Renewal Products sells the best wholesale body brushes and therapy pillows, eye pillows, neck wraps in the marketplace.  From our choice of natural fillers to the premium cotton fabrics we use – which are too many to photograph!  All are showcased in appealing retail packaging with a clean, upbeat design, UPC’s and a tab for hanging.

Yoga instructors, schools and centers buy our best selling eye pillows and neck wraps for classroom use, retail sales and client gifts.  Massage therapists, schools and businesses as well as wellness centers, day spas and alternative health care providers buy for treatment use and retail sales.

Natural product stores and co-ops buy our full line of pillow products, lymphatic dry skin brushes and agave fiber bath products.

Please take a moment to fill out the information below so we may set you up as a  wholesale account.  Please include your tax id# in the details section.  As soon as your wholesale account is approved we will email you with sign in information.

Minimum order to receive wholesale pricing is $75.00; orders to be shipped by UPS or USPS whichever is best method.  Shipping charges will be added to invoice amount.

Thank you!

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