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Take a few minutes just for yourself. Renewal Products eye pillows will relieve muscle tension around the eyes leaving you feeling more calm, peaceful and relaxed. Use it warmed, chilled or at room temperature. Choose an unscented pillow, or for extra benefits select lavender or eucalyptus. Sit back, take some deep “belly breaths” and relax. You deserve it.
Many colors and prints to choose from! 

 Wholesale available - see below for more information.

Wholesale Available

Does your business promote natural healing? Then Renewal Products Wholesale is for you. Natural healing remedies renew the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Our self care products relieve stress, ease aches and pains, provide comfort, improves circulation, and promotes good skin health. Since 1991, we have been offering wholesale prices for our dry skin brushes, eye pillows, therapy pillows, natural agave fiber exfoliators, support pillow and neck wraps to natural product and health food stores, spas, yoga and massage centers and more. Click the link below to sign up now for an account and to receive wholesale pricing!


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