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Dry Skin Brushes & Therapy Pillows

Renewal Products was founded in 1991 with our first line of stiff bristle dry skin brushes.   The lymphatic system will move toxins and assist the body’s own natural detoxification process when brushed, and stiffer bristles provide better results.  Our first brushes were so very well received that we expanded our product line to include eye pillows, hot/cold therapy pillows, buckwheat support pillows, and agave fiber products.

Our stiff bristled, natural fiber, lymphatic brushes are the best in the business .  Our pillow products are all produced in Colorado with your choice of essential oil option which includes lavender scented (from essential oil) and unscented. We also offer a eucalyptus scented (from essential oil) Sinus Pillow,  two unscented Hot/Cold Therapy Pillows and two Buckwheat Hull Support Pillows.  We use premium cotton fabrics and pillows are filled with natural product, either unhulled millet, corn or buckwheat hulls.

Our bath items include a unique sculpted pumice stone & several agave fiber items.  Agave fiber is a true gift from Mother Nature!  To complete the line, we also offer a Backscratcher made from bamboo, a renewable resource!