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Lymphatic Dry Skin Brushes

Dry Skin Brushing:

Our company was created in 1991 because of the importance of dry skin brushing and a lack of natural, stiff-bristled brushes in the marketplace. We consider ourselves the leader in the market with our product line made of coconut fiber. Our coconut fiber skin brush comes in four sizes. Each brush is individually handcrafted in Sri Lanka in a cottage industry. See below for other benefits to dry skin brushing.

What is Dry Skin Brushing?

Skin brushing, dry skin brushing, or lymphatic skin brushing all refer to the same process which contributes to good health and improved lymphatic drainage. Skin is the largest elimination organ of the body and brushing the skin encourages the lymph fluid, which contains infection-fighting white blood cells, to move. This gives a helping hand to the lymphatic drainage system that removes toxins and metabolic waste from the body. Brushing also exfoliates and cleanses the skin and improves skin radiance. A dry brush should contain natural, stiff bristles. See below for instructions on how to use a dry brush.
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