Agave Scrubby

Agave Scrubby


Mitt and stuffing is 100% Agave fiber, handspun from the leaves of the Agave plant which is rapidly renewable, biodegradable and resistant to mold and mildew.

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For Bath and Kitchen Use!

Versatile Agave fiber scrubby with strap is used in the bath to exfoliate and buff the skin.  The gentle abrasion of the agave fiber stimulates circulation, gently removes dead skin cells and opens pores, assisting with the body’s natural detoxification process.  Consistent bathing with the mitt will contribute to healthier skin tone.

In the kitchen, use the scrubby on surfaces, dishes, pots and pans.

Agave is grown in the wild without harmful fertilizers or pesticides.

After use, rinse scrubby thoroughly, squeeze out excess water and hang to dry.

As this is a hand made product, there will be some variances.

Your purchase helps support the Otomi Artisans that made this product.  Please visit our Making a Difference page to learn more.

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