Ayate Back Scrubber

Ayate Back Scrubber


A 30″ x 12″ Agave fiber buffer cloth for exfoliating the back and body.


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The gentle abrasion of the natural fiber helps to remove dead skin cells, improve circulation and revive dull skin.  Keeping skin clean and pores open assists the body in the elimination of toxins.  Consistent use will contribute to healthier skin tone.

Long lasting, the hand spun and hand woven Ayate Back Scrubber is made from 100% Agave fiber from the leaves of the plant.  Agave is rapidly renewable, biodegradable and resistant to mold and mildew.  It is grown in the wild without harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Directions:  For first time use, soak in warm water for a few minutes to allow fibers to shrink and cloth to soften and take shape.  After use, rinse well, reshape cloth and hang to dry.

Approximately 30″ x 12″

Your purchase helps support the Otomi Artisans that made this product.  Please visit our Making a Difference page to learn more.

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