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    Renewal Products is an extension of a desire
    and passion to live a meaningful life.
    For over 15 years we have served customers online
    and have be selling in retail stores across the country since 1991.

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    We love the outdoors and Mother Nature’s gifts and spend as much time as possible enjoying both. We love our furry family and our dogs are always by our side. Sometimes our cat is too. We are do-it-yourself people, preferring to take matters in our own hands as much as possible. An extension of who we are is a business offering natural-based self-care products. Products that allow one to take control of their aches and pains, mental stresses, immune system and skin health.
    Renewal Products is a second generation business. Founded in 1991 in Denver, we have operated the business since 2003 and relocated it to the picturesque and healing town of Glenwood Springs, CO. The business has been reshaped and revamped over the years to become what it is today.
    We are proud to support cottage industry. We do not offer mass produced, factory-made, cookie cutter items. Many artisans and craftspeople have gifted us with their talents to create the handmade items we sell. From as far away as Sri Lanka, to Mexico to our own Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado and places in-between. By supporting cottage industry, people in unique situations and geographic locations are able to work and earn an income.
    We are very thoughtful about the vendor partners we rely on to help bring these products to the marketplace. We develop long-term relationships with our vendors that range from local to global. We only purchase premium fabric, we support farmers and our sewing is done locally. Our printing is done locally on recycled paper using vegetable-based ink.
    Our goal from our products and vendor choices to our incredible customers is to create a culture of goodness together.

    Your Purchase Makes a Difference

    Your purchase makes a difference in your health, the environment, and in the lives of the Artisans who create them. Purchasing our Agave Fiber Bath Products not only supports a centuries-old craft, but provides employment and income for entire villages of Otomi people in Mexico that are dependent on the Agave for their livelihood.
    Making agave fiber
    Thin fibers are extracted from the leaves of the plant by hand.
    It is not uncommon to see an Artisan spinning fiber as she walks down the street. Fibers will then be hand woven or crocheted into products, each unique to the Artisan.
    Otomi women spin fiber into products.

    The Art Form of Batik

    The art form of Batik Originated on the island of Bali in Indonesia. Artisans use copper coils to create a stamp or chop (native spelling is tjap) that depicts the design or motif. The fabric is hand dyed and the copper chop is dipped into hot wax and stamped on the fabric to create a dye resist. The fabric is dyed a second time. Then, the wax from the chop is boiled off and the design shines through! Some intricate designs are treated with multiple layers of dye and wax resists for making innovative designs and patterns. The beauty of hand-dyed batiks is that every fabric will vary from one another making each one unique and one of a kind. You can see more of this process here courtesy of one of our longtime vendor partners:
    Glenwood Springs, Colorado
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