What is a cottage industry?

A cottage industry is a small-scale manufacturing business that is not based in a factory setting. The production of goods is often operated out of a home by a person or family unit and is usually a labor intensive, unique handmade item or items. The structure of the business allows those with different circumstances or geographic locations to earn income and contribute their talent to the marketplace.

Can my eye pillow be put in the microwave?

Yes, the eye pillow can be warmed in the microwave. Always test short intervals and check frequently; do not overheat.

How do I clean my eye pillow/neck wrap/therapy pillow?

Use a lint roller for light surface cleaning; mild soap and a damp cloth for spot cleaning. Allow to air dry - never put the pillow in the dryer.

Can I heat my pillow products in the oven?

Yes. Wrap your therapy pillow or neck wrap in aluminum foil and put in an oven safe dish. Put in preheated 250-275° oven; check after 15 minutes. Check frequently to determine desired warmness and length of time required for your oven. Do not leave unattended!

Are your products made in the USA?

Our pillow products are made in the USA. Our brushes, agave fiber products and bamboo backscratcher are made in the countries where the natural material is grown and harvested. The pumice is from Ecuador and tumbled and hand-sculpted in the USA.

How do I care for my skin brush?

Before first use, rinse the brush in water to rid it of loose coconut fibers and coconut dust from the manufacturing process. Shake off excess water and allow the brush to air dry. This will also fluff out the fibers of your brush.
To clean, rinse with soap and hot water or soak in a dish of hot water mixed with a few drops of tea tree essential oil. Rinse and allow to air dry.

Why can’t I put my buckwheat hull pillow in the microwave?

This pillow has a zippered closure to allow hulls to be added or removed to achieve desired firmness. Also, hulls do not hold heat.

Can I use the skin brush on my face?

No. This is a body brush and the bristles are much too stiff for facial skin.

How do I care for my ayate cloth/ayate back and body scrubber?

Soak in water before first use to plump up the fibers which will shrink the overall size of the cloth. It will no longer be an open-weave but will resemble a cloth instead. Machine washable but allow to air dry.

Why do you use millet instead of flax or rice?

We use unhulled millet in our eye pillows, neck wraps and our comfort pack. It conforms nicely to the contours of a face or body and it is very stable and long-lasting. Flax has a higher oil content with a tendency to turn rancid and spot the fabric over time. We know this firsthand from our founder’s early days in business. Rice is drier and will break down over time. After consulting with an expert in the grain and seed industry, we are assured that using unhulled millet is a superior choice. Hulled millet is edible, unhulled millet is not. Millet is an ancient grain and is gluten-free.
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