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      Everything old is new again.
      Cork from the cork oak tree, also known as the Quercus Suber, has been around since 3000 B.C. in Egypt, China and Persia. Known for use as bottle stoppers and cork boards, there are now a large variety of products being made from cork. Cork’s popularity is beginning to hit its stride as awareness grows of its benefits to the planet, its properties and its application as a plant-based vegan leather alternative.

      Sustainable, Eco-Friendly and Good for the Planet
      Cork oak trees grow in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, primarily in Portugal, Spain and France. The largest cork forest in the world grows in Portugal where it is the national tree and has been protected by law since the 13th century. Cork oak trees can live up to 300 years and are harvested numerous times throughout their long life beginning when a tree is between 15-20 years old. The trees are not cut down or harmed during harvest making it a sustainable resource and harvesting increases their life span. Cork comes from the bark which is carefully stripped by hand from the tree. The harvesting and processing of cork does not have any harmful effects nor does it involve any toxic chemicals or by-products.

      There is no waste with cork as it can be ground down and used for amalgamated products such as shoe soles. Once a tree is harvested, it is marked so it will not be harvested again for another 9 years. See video link on harvesting here. Cork oak trees are the only trees in the world that can be stripped of their bark and not die! The incredible cork tree does not stop there. Harvesting the bark from the tree enhances its natural ability to absorb carbon dioxide by 3 to 5 times. CO2 is the major cause of global warming and these forests retain millions of tons of CO2 a year – estimates range from 14 to 20 million tons. Through photosynthesis, the CO2 is converted to oxygen. Trees are vital to our future as they store carbon, produce oxygen and provide important nutrients to the soil. The forests also provide a home to plants, animals and birds that are often rare or endangered or exist nowhere else in the world. In addition to those wonderful attributes, the bark from the incredible cork oak tree can be utilized for a variety of products and therefore is important to the economies of countries fortunate to be home to the forests.

      Products made from cork are eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable, biodegradable and support the future of our planet. Cork also offers a Peta-approved plant based vegan leather alternative. Products made from cork oak bark are unique and stylish and made with a material for the future. At Renewal Products, We Love Cork and are happy to share what we have learned about this invaluable natural resource. We currently offer cork yoga mats, cork yoga blocks, cork purses, cork wallets and cork coin purses. Check out our cork products below.

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